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Frequently Asked Questions

My house has aluminum wiring. Do I need to rewire the whole house?

No, there are several UL listed ways to repair or re-terminate aluminum wiring. There is the Copalum crimp method, the purple wire nut method and the Alumiconn mechanical method. All vary in price however all are UL listed applications, as well as NEC approved. This type of work should only be done by a certified electrical contractor.

My house does not have grounded outlets. Do I need to rewire my house?

No, in home wiring, prior the 1960’s, it was quite common to only have a 2 wire (not grounded) system. The NEC allows the installation of GFCI outlets either at the first outlet of the circuit or at every outlet. They must however be labeled “ungrounded receptacle”.

My power went out in my garage and the circuit breakers aren’t tripped. Do I have a bad circuit?

Check the bathrooms and the exterior receptacles to see if these outlets are working. If they are not working then there is a good chance that a GFCI has tripped out (off). If they are working, the problem should be repaired by a licensed electrician.

A light bulb broke off in my light fixture and I am afraid I am going to get shocked. What do I do?

Save your money, don’t call an electrician. Simply make sure the light is turned off. If you really aren’t sure, turn off your circuit breakers. Then, you can either take a bar of soap, or a pair of needle nose pliers and remove the remainder of the lamp. Be sure to wear gloves and safety glasses to keep from getting cut or glass in your eyes.

I have an FPE (Federal Pacific Electric) or Sylvania or Zinsco electrical panel and the electrician said my house is going to burn down. What do I do?

Like with anything else, get more than one opinion. Though there is a history of those panels and circuit breakers having problems, get more than one opinion and price. Make sure that the company gives free estimates and that they show you what they see. We have seen many situations and have found many to be in working condition and not requiring any repairs, while others should be replaced.